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Author rockinhellfire
Tags author:rockinhellfire intense lazer-drones playable unrated
Created 2008-12-25
Last Modified 2008-12-25
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Hers's a

new map []
sry I haven't been on Halo that much. I'm on the wrestling team, SO i don't get that much time to play. Maybe I'll invite for a game of multi team on the weekends.
Anyway, hope you like the map.

I added you,

so I heard from my friend Prv. Pwnge that you're a beast at Halo. You'll probalbly kick my ass. Lets see...
On weekdays, I go online from 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon.
I'm almost always on Halo 3, sometimes with a guest.
But yeah, let's party up one day and play.

I do

I haven't been on in a while, I'll remember to add you though, maybe tonite or tommorow...

New map

What's your

Ill add you when I can.


with jasdanu
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Demo Data

i dont get it

im new, how do u play these levels?


by 4 frames. 5/5
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My demo is probably 2 frames off max, unless there's some other way...


Demo Data

i win

faster :D
Demo Data

Pretty easy.

BTW. you forgot to rate Teeny Challenge.
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