Unwelcome to the Empire

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Author GamingWolf2000
Tags action author:gamingwolf2000 easy playable thwumps unrated wolfpack
Created 2008-12-26
Last Modified 2009-01-01
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description As the ninja came through the door a group of Thwumps heard him enter. "Grraaaaaagh!", said one thwump. "You are trespassing!" Another thwump then replied, "You are not permitted to pass as we are ancient Thwumpan guards! The ninja immediately responded, "What? Are you crazy? As long as I have been I have encountered many creatures including those that look exactly like you! Why would I have any second thoughts about my immediate goal? A third thwump pompously rambled, "That does not matter to us because it is OUR goal to stop anyone who would encroach upon the Thwumpan Empire. So you see, there is no point in convincing us as we confident that we will protect this gate. Fine then you stubborn mules, but don't get too mad if I slip right past you! The ninja was perplexed. He didn't understand how the thwumps could pretend they had a chance against an experienced ninja. It was of no consequence; the ninja needed to know what was beyond the next door.

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I'm afaid

I don't yet know whats in the next room :/