Star-ry Night

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable unrated
Created 2008-12-27
Last Modified 2008-12-27
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Map Data

Description A horde came upon my house. As I looked out the window, I jumped. The world spun and it seemed as if I traveled through the stars while the enemies fired at me. Some spots were dangerous from heat, being stars to produce such futurity. However, there was the lovely gold that appeared through my route. Although those came to destroy me, I evaded swiftly and escaped back into the realm of reality.

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but I know it is possible, I did something like it for 68-4.

This is crazy hard, but I totally enjoy it.




And yes eganic. IRC is available in your browser. As for me, I use Chatzilla.


um. i dont have an irc :/

should i just send you at that one email adress you gave me?
Only took me 2 hours to beat it.

i love the tileset

the level is so hard though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey yes lets clab

does IRC mean forums?

I like the start