Crampy Theatre

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Author GamingWolf2000
Tags action adventure author:gamingwolf2000 playable thwumps unrated wolfpack
Created 2008-12-29
Last Modified 2009-01-01
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Description "What in the world?", cried a new set of Thwumps. "There is no way that you are getting to the Colosseum!" The ninja had now deduced the source of that noise he had heard in the first room. This Colosseum was an ancient battlefield for gladiators who were born without a penny to their name. Of course some of the other peasants were cowards but these gladiators were quite courageous and possibly insane. The ninja became curious and decided to ask his enemies more about it. "What is the Colosseum?", he enthusiastically asked. The Thwumps replied, "That's none of your business, but since you came all this way we will tell you this. The Colosseum belongs to a man you might know. In fact you've probably been in some of his worlds." The ninja, now even more eager to continue on his quest, proceeded further.

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Expect more in the future, Although I do admit this might be the best out the story-driven maps so far.

hey gamingwolf

cool map

have a demo
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