Ferio El Lumino

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Author Templex
Tags action author:templex bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-10-09
by 61 people.
Map Data

Description I've spent a whopping 6 (SIX!) hours on this one. And I'm too tired for further explanation for now. I'll be taking about a one-week break from submitting maps for now.
And an all gold or completion demo would be fine.

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To be honest I started work on this map after I played Before Strife. My idea was to make an island in the center pretty much, but the ground got too sophisticated in an attempt to make the bottom accessible, so it pretty much became a loop map.

HEY MCP3000!

You badmouthin' my Before Strife? Haha

No seriously this is a great level. But the gameplay's nothing like before strife.


You at your best.
Great fun.

Very very good

5/5 and faved.
Liked the tileset and mine placement
Its a better form of Before Strife


Beautiful map. Probably my fav from you. And what's all the fuss about the difficulty? It's not really that hard.
Demo Data


Great tiles, great gameplay. Can't believe that I didn't play it before...


My pitiful attempt at a speed demo:
btw, nice map, faved and 5/5
Demo Data


no-ones posted a completion demo. Heres my slow dodgy one anyways. Great map though, looks awesome,4.5/5
Demo Data


I really just meant for future reference.

Well, there really isn't anything to do about it now that this is rated.


Don't get me wrong, this is a good map, in an MTI sort of way, but it's just way too cluttered. Too much gold, in my opinion.

sweet map

i beat it but didnt demo it. has that ever happened to you?
i find it helps to be lucky. good map though

Well, this map was kinda a recollection of the best that came out from me put altogether into one giga-gantic map, so that explains why it's long. I don't think this has a very long loading time either. It's not a simplistic map, don't expect it to only have like one second of load time.

And what's so bad about kinda crazy and hard? ;)


Fun but a little too long for me.
That's kinda lame... not saying it's a bad map. It's a good map.
But this map's kinda long, kinda crazy, kinda too much load time, and kinda too hard at some spots for my taste. I'm kinda thinking to rate it a 4.


my vote of 5/5 put it at #1
Nevermore'll come in like it ain't no thang w/an all gold demo and be like, yo, you dudes is n00bs lol


fo sho
I thought he was fricken out of his skull, I knew it was at least a 4/5 when I SAW it!


THis map is real hard...
Demo Data

that looked like 1.5/5 but its actually 5/5

bloody hell

i can see u worked hard on this 1. 5/5