Minimus Maximus

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Author GamingWolf2000
Tags action author:gamingwolf2000 hard long playable unrated wolfpack
Created 2008-12-30
Last Modified 2008-12-30
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description The ninja was now quite close to getting to the Colosseum. He had a hunch that it might be behind the next door. This particular room is was in now seemed to anger the ninja. The ninja yelled, "WHAT?, Look at all those doors! I hope I saved up enough gold for the trip." There were more Thwumps up ahead, yet the ninja figured his skills were good enough to carry him to the end and then he might have some answers. He reviewed the clues over in his head. He thought, "Okay, let's see. The Thwumps want to protect to this place at all costs, a human is responsible for these structures, and..." The ninja immediately stopped thinking. He had seen a sign nearby. It read, "Come to the Colosseum, where I watch gladiators fight for their lives for my own amusement. -romaniac

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