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Author tktktk
Tags action author:tktktk bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-10-10
by 15 people.
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Description The peaks are not the dangerous part, but rather the valleys in between. There are two ways to get the gold from them, a fast way and a slow way. Choose whichever suits you.

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Decently fast, I think.

This reminds me of one of AMLT's maps, except it was made long before...
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Slow all gold is boring, and fast is annoying and unfun.
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fun map

i love it, simple, but tough, 5/5

awesome map

i had no clue until i saw a demo
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Nice idea. I took the slow method lol. Fun :)

all gold, all good!

This map is so cool
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oh joy.

simply a five. i must agree with barabajagal that the storybook style is fantabulous, and i find the gameplay very fun.


The story book-esque style just tickles me pink, and the valley idea is superby implemented. 5, you deserve it.


And here's a loverly speed demo. This one, however, was not done in frame by frame mode.
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What's wrong with an easy level? I hate when people feel like easy = bad. Furthermore, while I believe you may have gotten all gold first try, all gold is definitely not easy, and takes very precise timing. Completion is trivial.

This is a great map, hands down. 4.5/5 and favoritized.

All gold, using frame by frame.
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Bigblargh: There was a typo in the map description, and rather than editing the map I decided to quickly resubmit it. Apparently I didn't do it quickly enough for it to go unnoticed.

Pitch: Yeah, it is easy, but that's because it's the first level in my new episode. All-gold first try is pretty impressive though.


Cool idea, but I found it easy - all gold first try which is rare for me :/. Too bad I wasn't recording when I did it though.


I was just playing this on the fourms..
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Cool map, but

why did you delete this earlier?