Anarchy In Guatemala

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags action author:radiumfalcon featured me rated
Created 2008-12-31
Last Modified 2008-12-31
by 41 people.
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Description This one's for blackson :)

This map was featured on 2009-03-03

Space; the final frontier...

With this map, our favourite element has established that he can overcome this obstacle and manage the space within a map to best suit the ninja. The thwumps, for example, are applied with caution, but manage to create a compelling atmosphere without making themselves too much of a threat. The drones make for an interesting set piece too, as well as the clever door system.

Although the map is decisively difficult, it’s not an insurmountable impediment. Put some effort in, and get some satisfying action back. It’s not too difficult; just one more frontier to conquer! — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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RF has better maps than this.
It was too awkward for me.
beat it really quick after i found the teqnique 5
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I think if you don't get a reply it means he doesn't want you :( I sent mine in pretty much when Newma began and still haven't received a reply, but I read that somewhere...

Looking back,

I don't enjoy playing this map nearly as much as I did when I made it. I like it, but I believe it plays too awkwardly to be feature-worthy. I'm still very grateful for the feature though ^^


A very lovely map.

I had fun with this one.

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Too Hard

Sorry I couldn't even get passed the first bit.


why is there no option to edit/delete posts <_<

*glares at atob* btw how long do i have to wait before I am deemed a worthy reviewer? :D


I thought the map was a bit of a mess in general (not including the cheatability factor)

Still qualifies for a 4 imo though

here's a speed demo
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I thought the map was a bit of a mess in general (not including the cheatability factor)

Still qualifies for a 4 imo though

here's a speed demo
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That's what /she/ said.

It just had to be said. Sorry. ;-;


Looks really hard 5

Cool but

the gold rocket was annoying,a little hard but that's good, I liked the enemy placement a lot;especially the gauss where you start and the thwumps at the top and the thwump at the bottom left,although gold at the bottom left was annoying but that's ok,and agd was really hard,the map was frustrating because of the switches,but nice map.4aved.

tsk tsk

not good enough gtm.

didn't really like this map much. i found it very awkward, especially around the bounceblock areas. just felt too compressed and still to me.
especially hated the gausses.

meh, i won't rate it.


I noticed that, but didn't bring it up. Sorry for unleashing the bubonic plague, guys :P


Thanks a lot, GTM. ;-;

Oh, and the map was okay.




think of the kittens.
gives kittens cancer.

Thanks GTM ^^

Also, haha 29403 <3
We breathe adrenaline, elevate organically
Life begins when the record spins and ends
When blended into the next with scratches
RJ constructs the canvas, I find a color that matches
Outline the rhyme and increase the content
Blueprint the piece that completes the concepts
Sequence the song steps to make it more complex
Soul Position in, sole possession of
Poll position, hold your breath and listen
While I resurrect these twenty-six letters
A lesson to beginners that tend to pale in comparison
You're not ill, and if you are
My notepad's full of medicine
Plus my freestyle is Excedrin
Take two hours and call me back with a new style
And show me you're prepared for the final frontier
Space: the final frontier...



good feature

I didn't see an agd

so I made a slow as shit one. I didn't like the map though, the gausses were poorly placed.
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I remember this...

Glad to see that it got featured.




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I'll try and review for most days where the aren't any other applications, partly out of boredom, lack-of-boredom-due-to-review-writing, and courtesy. If any wants a date I'd be more than happy to let them have it; I just don't want anything to stay up too long. 2 days tops, I sware. Until I run out of favorites anyways :P

Adam has skills

Adam is still too young to rack up any bills
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New Review

Zomg. Really liked this map from RF, different to his usual stuff in some important ways and just more intergrated? Idk. This may or may not cause controversy, but when I was thinking of a map to feature this came to mind first :P

I cant

give anything less than a 5, execution.




not cool


and do a 15mm with me. I think it'd do you good. And yes, it is fun. Lots of fun. Frets and I used to do them all the time.
i liked it. it bit tough at times. but it wasn't off putting.
it felt like an epic adventure for me