Crazy Colosseum

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Author GamingWolf2000
Tags action author:gamingwolf2000 beatable medium playable unrated wolfpack
Created 2009-01-01
Last Modified 2009-01-01
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description "Stop!", said an unrecognizable voice. "You need an invite to get into my Colosseum!" "Says who?", yelled the ninja. "Says romaniac the newest Emperor of Ncient Rome. On second thought, go on in. You'll never survive my newly installed rocket launcher! And, for good measure I'll throw in more of my Thwump guards, free of charge!" Perhaps the ninja was getting closer to the end of his quest. Unfortunately, he had felt like he had barely begun to explore this world. "Look romaniac," proclaimed the ninja. "I don't have time to mess around with humans. I just want to live and I can only do that with a steady supply of gold." But romaniac wasn't listening. He was waiting for the ninja to put on a show and he wouldn't take no for an answer.

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fun map!

had a good time playing this map =]


i was being honest with you.

this is crap



Again with this. I'm too poor to appreciate what's brand spanking new and even if I did something else would automatically new.... never mind your trends.