Blocky Curves

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Author chume14
Tags action author:chume14 blocky chume curves rated rockets
Created 2009-01-01
Last Modified 2009-04-17
by 20 people.
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Description Came up with these funky curves and wasn't quite sure what to do with them made a pretty fun map though. enjoy
This was inspired trib4lmaniac's "Blocky"

This has now become a sort of series due to the positive feed back and ratings I'm getting now I've developed the idea.

The series so far

Blocky Curve []

2 - Spiral []

3 - Thwump Spiral []

4 - Two Face []

5 - Mobius []

no. 11

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Nice slide.

The only way to go much faster than this is if you could do a bounce block bottom corner jump off the wall, but I'm not sure you could reach both switches.
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I love this

The best blocky curve because it doesn't lag and is a bit more playable than the others.
better particularly no. 4 I am gonna do a no. 5 soon

im crap

when it comes to these types of maps! The thumbnail is truley epic! 4


I loved this one. Curves are sweet Short but funny.
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That was fun, I don't think I've ever ran that fast in this game before. 5/5
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No sorry

didn't mean it like that I wasn't saying it was hard just that making it into a proper program that someone else would understand and be able to download and use would be for me
Using Excel. It's really not hard.


its not online I just whiped it up in a couple of minutes so unless you can code BASIC it won't be much use to you but if your really intrested I can probebly work on a simple user interface make it into an executable and email it to you or something
off you, i could try it out

ah hah

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i wonder

could you make one that goes both ways?

a circle?

this could be utilized so many ways.

All Useful

comments I'll maby work on a blocky curves 2
than as an actual level. like this demo... check it out!
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I think you should make a cooler level using it.
Have rectified these problems in ned but don't seem to be able to edit my map to solve them

Have rectified

these problems but don't seem to be able to edit my map to solve them.


wasn't too hard. The bounce blocks looked pretty good, but it did seem nooby.
The gold at the bottom left was ugly and added very little to the gameplay.
There were no tiles as such and the gold over the switches are no-no's.
Hope that constructive criticism helps.

I liked the jump on the right by the way
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Demo Data

Just Reasised

you can do this to get agd ment for you not to be able to get under there
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nice concept.

i got it!

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to add some challenge thats why I made that wall jump difficult and then didn't let you ride the thwump all the way and then another difficult jump I didn't want it to just be like a dda


is it nooby and it didn't take an effort nobody could accuratly place them like that just wrote a little program that generated blocky curves only 8 lines of code less that 2 mins
the rockets make it very difficult to ride the thwump and get the switches. i would recommend putting doors in there strategically (or maybe not strategically) to block the rockets off.

the bounceblock slide is totally cool though.

If Your

Having problems with the wall jump the trick is to only ease of right for an instant heres a demo
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But truly nooby.
really fast surprisingly fast i cant wall-jump off that bounceblock though.