We're mostly on an island

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags action author:astheoceansblue bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2005-10-10
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Description A continuation of the theme I explored with 'The magnetic fields' This ones a little more hectic, but I think more fun for it.

Let's see some all golds.

This map was featured on 2010-11-28

astheoceansblue's mapping may be more famous for its slick visual style and riotously fun game-play, but, and this is no detraction from his NUMA legacy, his pure concept maps are few and far between. "We're mostly on an island" and its predecessor stood out to me in 2005, and they stand out to me still as brilliantly conceived, concisely executed, and great fun to play. I picked this one rather than its predecessor because as atob says, it's just a little more hectic. But I'm sure he could have taken this concept further, and I'm sure you could too ... — krusch

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Cheers Krusch!

I may explore this concept again soon. At the time I just couldn't find the sweet spot.


I always loved this map :)
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I like this

I rate this


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I'm tempted to poison his fish heads!

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:( I like to rate!
wierd but I like it..

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No gold

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One thing...

You missed gold on the top left one, if im not mistaken


This is a nice map, forgot about the thwumps going through the oneways, and InTheZone the gold tells you which way it comes out


i really really like these maps you make in this style, the mystery of not knowing which way the thwump goes. Great work, 4/5, if you can keep em coming in different types of maps.