Four Rooms

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Author munchy365
Tags action author:munchy365 gauss hard playable rockets unrated
Created 2009-01-02
Last Modified 2009-01-02
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Description This is my third N map, it's not that great but I'm still new to this stuff. I think it turned out okay, though.


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a very enjoyable level

Because i've looked at a lot of your levels, could you please take a look at some of mine... Especially the unrated ones.
find the place in the code where there's an NaN. The object's code goes from the exclamation mark before the NaN to the exclamation mark after (not including the first, but including the latter).


how do i know where the homing turret's code ends and the next object's begins?


theres a glitch where when you open up a level in Ned on regular N, the last item placed's y axis number (the number that says where verticlly the object should be) turns into NaN, placing the object at the top of the map outside the border. you can delete the NaN'd item by deleting the object's whole code altogether.


What's NaN? I looked it up in the acronym thing but it says "not a number."


i dunno how to get the unresponsive turrets to work, and i can't delete the turret at the top.

very hard, but good

some of the turrets were not responsive, and you have a NaN homing turret in the top. 3