The Epic - Part IX: The Crispy Cliffs of Iqtaqtaluq

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Author blue_tetris
Tags action author:blue_tetris playable rated
Created 2005-10-10
Last Modified 2005-10-10
by 18 people.
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Description The ninja managed to make his way across the forbidding basalt plateaus and into a sandy region known by the locals as Iqtaqtaluq.

As he entered the region, a traveling monk stopped him and said, "Beware the eye of Roqboqtoq! For it brings..." The monk went on, but the ninja could care less about what he was saying. All he could see was the rich veins of gold in the cliffs up ahead. The ninja pushed the monk aside and started toward the cliffs. The monk caught back up with the ninja, grabbed him forcefully, and turned him about. The ninja was filled with anger. Who was this fool that would dare slow a ninja in his quest for gold?

"Heed my words! The deadly Guqyuq totems will advance upon you as you move through the...." continued the monk. The ninja smiled convincingly and led the monk close to a mine. Then, with a quick slap on the back, the ninja pushed the monk onto the mine, blowing him to pieces. The ninja extinguished his false smile, dutifully picked himself up, and headed out into the cliffs.

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completion...nice level
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errr i mean crispy...

good lord!

they ARE crusty...


Completion *claps for self*
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I died on the last possible mine at the exit...
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