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Great map

Wonderful map, I just love races which are so simple but effective.

Curses, I tried for hours but couldn't beat that 'all gold+500frames'. Heres my demo anyhow...
Demo Data


i just realised that the tileset is a little bonsai, thats the 5 from me, very well done..


Different route.
Demo Data


I had to read your comment a few times before realizing it was Jeopardy.

I was like "wait. who's 200, how come i've never seen any of his 'awesome maps' and why would he be asking an obvious question when he just said he was gonna answer 200's question?"

But yeah.

that was cool

although i couldnt beat it
Who is tktktk?
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i finally got a chance to relax from school and i come here to find out my name is on the top of the top rated list.funny little coincidence it seems, but anyways, great map-5/5 from is tough but fun and as aju said, it has a great flow.


I loved it, very well made and thought up.


I like it a lot. 5/5. It reminds me of shattered track, only it's pretty different. Idunno.

Pretty amazing though.


dumb mine. i am getting there.
Demo Data

Oh, right...

Here's the demo. Good luck beating it.

For the top middle gold you basically want to jump as late as possible.
Demo Data

cool map.

I guess you are warming up to race maps, huh? I am having trouble figuring out how to get the top middle pieces of gold in a smooth, fast run...

I love this map!

It has really great flow