The Way the Snake Pup Turns

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Author Lightning55
Tags author:lightning55 floorguard-jumper jumper playable unrated
Created 2009-01-03
Last Modified 2009-01-03
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Map Data

Description After hours of painstaking creation and playtesting, I give you, A FLOORGUARD JUMPER!!

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I teetered on the edge there between 3 and 4...
The whole map was pretty fun, but that first floorguard really bugged me because it seemed to waste a lot of my time and make me way more cautious and less likely to explore :P

I went into the editor to remove it.

Playing the rest was a blast in some places, a little awkward in others. The idea is very interesting, these guys are a lot scarier than mines, too. The map looked a little cluttered but that's alright (the tileset is pretty nice), overall could be a little smoother (maybe it's just me sucking) and polished.

Finally this tileset reminds me a lot of lightcycles.
This is my critical analysis of this map:

The beginning jump, with the first floorguard is much too jumpy. The first section (about the first 5 bb) was a well thought out jumper, but the second part (next 4) was a but cluttered. The third section (wall part) is really nice, but the way you hit the second layer of trap doors, you hit the bounce block too hard and you must be VERY WELL prepared for it. The fourth section (bottom right corner) is well thought out and similar to the style of the first section. The fifth section (that long tunnel on the bottom) was quite odd since the normal doors opened and you "tripped" but the locked doors put nice footing. It was a mix of many pros and cons. Cons being that it wasn't very balanced and you fell many times into the tiny ditches, but pros being that it was a nice challenge and quite fun. The sixth section (bottom left) is similar to the 3rd section. The last section is well, the tunnel that you just jump up to get to the exit.


The map was too much. I don't know, I guess I don't have much to say about it other than I didn't like it very well, though the idea was nice.


i loved it.