Inverted Mountain Range

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Author RandomDigits
Tags author:randomdigits b3njamin hard jumper playable rated
Created 2009-01-03
Last Modified 2009-01-03
by 6 people.
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Description Kinda hard-ish jumper.
You RCE this, I RCE you.

Thanks to b3njamin [] for advice.

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can be like 500 frames faster, maybe i'll try later (i died at 1980 on the last jump once)
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This time its a completion! And over 1100 frames faster than my death. :)

Looking forward to that ded.
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AGD death

Died coming back down from the top, missed the last jump... :(
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Only got the gold by the exit switch, that you really can't miss :)
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hard. Wow. anyways. seriously, awesome dude. I love jumpers, and this is like.... no exception.

I disagree with maxson, because I could get past the beginning pretty easy. This gets a foaur.
Thanks for the comment :P The launchpad was actually there as an enemy, not an asset to the ninja.
I got really far.
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1st try :p

5/5 ;P
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I'm just bored of dying on the way back.
Getting the bottom gold on the way back is far easier than getting it on the way there.
Just in case.
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I got agd, except one gold, and I didn't record, this is really tough though, I fluked it, can't do it again lol :(
so I'll rate based on that experience:
I think you could have gotten away with making a map this difficult if you at least made the beginning easier. You also could have gone with the concept of making it relatively easy to get to the switch, but much harder to get back. However, as is, this is one of the few minejumpers I've played in which having no other enemies is actually a good thing.
The tiles and aesthetics were great and the highlights of the map.
I also disagree with Pi here: I think there was the perfect amount of gold in this level, although it seemed inconsistent in its pattern.
Overall, I give this a low 3, because I think a 2 is just a little harsh here.


Really nice tiles and perfectly placed mines create an extremely difficult yet fun challenge. Way too hard for me, but, using "enter," I maneuvered around the map and found every area perfectly impossible. :D
4.4/5, needed more gold.
Also, could you please RCE my latest map, Angry Robots? It should be on the second hotmaps page. Thanks!
Demo please?