Smoking. Kills.

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Author DragonofChaos
Tags action author:dragonofchaos unrated
Created 2009-01-03
Last Modified 2009-01-03
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Description Multipathing map, on the suggestion of GTM

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Not are new, no?

Lol, I'm so

ignorant... XP
Yeah, I agree w/ DoC, exits can (in some cases) make a map feel cramped/rushed; it fits his style not to have one. My maps are more small, action AGD/Speedrunners, so I think they profit from an exit.


I like it without it, imh(umble)o


Is there supposed to be no exit?




DragonofChaos is Palantini... He tried to leave but decided against it, so he made a new account and had his old one disabled.

Forgot to mention

I love the tileset, looks like crushed-up cigarettes.
Also, could you check out my last map, Angry Robots? Sorry for the advertisement ;D


really good second map. You strike me as someone who's either not really new, or has been hanging around for a while and paying attention. 4/5, I like the gold scheme, but not when it's stiking straight up, and also not very flowy at all.