Củ Chi Tunnel Rat

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Author epigone
Tags author:epigone close-calls dronie-nom featured hard playable race rated
Created 2009-01-04
Last Modified 2009-12-23
by 38 people.
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Description I spent the better part of the last 4 hours of my life making this race, and I can't remember who I was going to dedicate it to. Somebody recently asked me to make races again - this is for that person. Remind me who you are to reclaim your ded!

Special thanks to incluye for playtesting. The mine and floorguard in the bottom left are for him!

This map was featured on 2009-01-29

Củ Chi Tunnel Rat is one of my all time favorite races from epigone. It has aesthetics that are mind blowing (Beautiful mines, great gold, and stylish tiles), and amazing enemy placement (Wonderfully timed drones, intense rockets, and awesome thwumps). The flow is certainly tough to get right at first, but as hard as it is, the thrill of getting all the gold and making it to the exit is a fantastic experience that I enjoyed every single second of.

Now; enough reading, more playing. — Riobe

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Oh snap!

My first dronie nomination!


that's epigone far ya


I love Cu Chi. Like my favorite part of the Viet War.


5aved btw

lovely race

have u left for good or just temprorary?? plz dont...

fbf agd.

soo good. 5aved.
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unusual and fun.
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full epigone.

riobe choose a race

how unespected, lol


it's ok. but it wouldn't be my choice for a feature. good map, but it just doesn't fit somehow.
Thanks riobe


fast AGD. Nailed that perp jump.
Demo Data

I'd agree in that

The second half of the race was more interesting, mostly because the flow was pretty intricate and original. The first part was alright, but the perp jump followed by the bounceblock wall jump seemed a little hard. Probably just me sucking at N, but I didn't enjoy that section too much. The whole thing was very well made, though.

this is epigoneful

Love it


personally i dont like races that much, but its cool 4/5

Good one riobe!

Great choice.


Would feature this if I could.


Delicious race. 4/5
"good" race maps, by the other race makers, and then I played this, and, it's just eons out of the league.


Well done, Epigone. 5aved.
but then i decided to just tell epigone to make it.
but i never did because i went to mexico

I really loved it

the whole thing. Brilliant race.

apart from the first perp jump... i felt it was a little more frustrating than fun.

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i hav sam levels


i hav trubl
It's practically impossible to lose the flow, despite its jagged appearance. 5aved.
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but it's definitely well made, and has a lot of style, just not really my type, so, NR

also pretty sure it was destiny who said you should, and he's right, though i'd prefer them more relaxed, many of your actions have that nice clean and fun feel and relaxed and adventurey and things (and and and) which would be cool for a race (a lot of the actions are pretty racey actually.


I'm with wulfgang and riobe
then died right before the door. I'm too tired to play this more, I'll revisit it in the morning *_*
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Really excellent, flowy and incredibly stylish.
When in doubt, exaggerate your jumps.
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Wonderful race, especially the second half of it. =D