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Author rocket_thumped
Tags action author:rocket_thumped changing-faces easy playable rated
Created 2009-01-06
Last Modified 2009-08-17
by 12 people.
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I know the tree map thing is a bit old, but I read about this ancient forest in Japan. And this forest happens to be the second most popular suicide spot so I decided to map about it.

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Replayed this

Because my run was cleared from NReality by the crash some time ago.

Faster AGD.
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Demo Data

bad demo.
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yeah. i knew it was something horribly bizarre, but i couldn't quite remember what. it's been a while.


the sinners were transformed into trees, and they could only speak when they were bleeding. the harpies ate them continually.


Pretty fast.
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In the Inferno, Dante graphically represented the sin of the suicide with trees. I can't really remember how, though.

I think that the number one suicide spot in the world would probably be the Empire State Building, but the security is tight.

pretty good

i enjoyed this map, I think it was great. 4/5
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You did beat me by time, though.

Messy agd-1

It's faster than your demo, r_T, but still improvable.

Plus I missed a piece.
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Well I can see where you are coming from now, the two areas are separated by empty space, although the idea was that the rocket would chase you out of the bottom into the open area up top.

The top suicide place in the world is the Golden Gate Bridge.
I had a really solid run going, right till the very end where I fudged up and added about 400 extra frames. :(
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every single time I do it faster by the time I post I'm beaten wheres the most popular suicide spot

Finally fastest

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I think

the empty areas aren't directed as well as they could be, that the tiles seem unrefined in places, and it's lacking in atmosphere for it. There's not enough cohesion or something.


I did one of those "off the bottom corner" bounceblock walljumps, but then I screwed up the end.
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To beat lord_day's.
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I may be misinterpreting your use of "barren", but the map is about a forest where people kill themselves. The map should have a barren, cold, and empty atmosphere about it.


you hadn't posted yours when I started wrighting that then I got a text and then posted it here is faster
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Faster AGD

but I'm still working on it should be able to do a lot better that this the middle was slow. Love the map 4.1/5 especially the bottom and love tree maps be on for a while and guitarhero_matt's most recent 1 is the best I've seen.
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Nice gameplay!

Seems a little barren though, I found the one way platforms don't mix well with the theme.
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A few frames faster than lord_day's.
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The bottom was great. The middle area was good, but not as fun as the bottom.
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Very nice!

love the tileset, don't worry, trees worked for me. Very interesting tileset I've got to say (other than trees) loved the gameplay, thwumps were excellent, floorguard, everything! agd was very fun, 5/5 great work!
I want to see some fun maps.


I want to see some fun demos.
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