Blocky Curve 4 - Two face

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Author chume14
Tags action author:chume14 chume face rated two
Created 2009-01-07
Last Modified 2009-04-17
by 39 people.
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Description The latest in the popular (by my standards) Blocky curve series. Really enjoyed this one at its best you can glide round the circle effortlessly but at its worst it can be lethal. The left hand semi-circle thwumps are ,5 thwumps so they won't kill you on the inside only getting out is hard will post a demo of the technique. Give it a few tries you probably won't get it at first (unless you incredible).
Please give me feedback on this its useful and I am getting better because of it.

This is part of my unintentional series I'll keep making them as long as I have ideas and people like them

The series so far

Blocky Curve []

2 - Spiral []

3 - Thwump Spiral []

4 - Two Face []

5 - Mobius []

no. 15

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like bbwcj's or whatever they are called cause you get one and it pushes you into another or something you can get lots of crazy effects like that on this map :)
did not press any key
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bumped it up to 5/5? lol.

so much fun!

Too cool for school. 5ved

Really fun


oh, forgot to say

this was the last rating of that rating-marathon for today...
goodnight and sleep well ;)

thumps up

again a 4.5/5^, without trying to brown-nose
liked the way you could walk/run in that big circle in the centre, getting all gold and breaking out...

Ummm... Quite easy

I must say. I enjoyed it though. I think the point of the hidden thwump is obvious
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no jumps

skate ramp style
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Absolutely love the way ninja glides around the circle, especially on the thwump side. 4/5.
AGD, but i couldn't get out of the circle.
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Wow, fastest AGD.

I didn't think this was a fast demo, but apparently everyone else was having trouble too. This is a cool level. I like how each one in your series is different from the previous one rather than doing the same thing over and over like a lot of mapmakers do. Great work, 5/5.
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Thats on purpose

but yes

NICE 3-D FX!!!





... 4aved
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Going To Fast

Makes You Miss Gold =(
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Another way

If you're out, you can get back in on another way.
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That would have been an ok time to


Lol, I got owned trying to jump on my lift
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Why not

did you manage to do it because its not fun unless you get into going round properly

Fastest agd

this is how its meant to be done but still could be a lot faster
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Crazy effect

how did this happen must have be thwumps somehow
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Have edited it

so you can't go back that way was kinda supposed to be a 1 way thing makes high-scores before here superfluous

O right

you can go back up through the blockys thought you couldn't do that will change


Demo Data

AGD death

it's fun :P
Demo Data
The bounceblocks messed me up.
Demo Data

Post a

completion demo that doesn't use the hidden thwump because I couldn't make the jump otherwise but thanks anyway your an n legend.
But apart from that, this is the best map in series by far. So fun.

About below

was having trouble posting that demo so this goes with it it should help you if your stuck.

Hints and warnings
1 the thumps in the semicircle are ,5 thwumps so they will kill you if you hit their right hand side
2 to get over this I put a hidden thwump top left in the wall its not ment to harm you see demo
3 if you keep breaking your legs trying to circle jump when landing hold left for anticlockwise or right for clockwise


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