Building a Bridge

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Author MyCheezKilledYours
Tags action author:mycheezkilledyours fun gauss medium playable rated
Created 2009-01-07
Last Modified 2009-01-07
by 8 people.
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Description Action map I had an idea for, hou must get both switches to build the bridge. Tell me your thoughts on it, and the fastest agd gets a ded in my next map!


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Slightly faster

Very good. Almost everything was placed perfectly, and chasing the agd was fun. 4/5
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so 3/5

Btw, check your PM's :P


gets the ded unless someone else can get faster. =P
Nice job you guys, and thanks!

oh yeah.

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You make a mine jumper.
I know the tileset is annoying as you-know-what to walk on but I like it personally. ^_^

Good map

I enjoyed it.

This is the fasted AGD i could manage
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but slow.

i disagree with karma, who never fails to not comment on every single freaking map on the hot page (nnot that it's a bad thing)

the only real thing I agree with karma with is that the drone didn't really do anything.

it was meh, but not exactly horrible.


keep trying. =3
Tileset = eh. Doesn't really look that good. Try to back away from the computer and take a look. See if it looks cool. Like the featured maps. The bottom and top are weird.

gold placement = NO. NEVER DO THAT. NEVER, EVER!!!!! Place gold RIGHT next to eachother. NEVER. NOT EVEN DIAGONALLY FROM EACHOTHER. it just looks horrible.

the mine bridge = was the random placement necessary? why not go for a clean bridge? again, not that you did this but.... NEVER PLACE MINES RIGHT NEXT TO EACHOTHER EITHER!!!!!
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Thanks, karma.

The chaser sometimes in my playtesting would follow me while i was getting to the upper portion. ARMCHAIR, you just have to place your walljumps correctly. This is cool, my first map to get higher than a three!
Who else rated this map?


the chaser did nothing and the gameplay was really bad, only good thing was thwumps. the tileset was really good, I liked it alot! and the mine/gold placement was good. 4/5 (actual rate 4.2/5)

i cant beat it lol i always die on the way up to the bridge by that mine lol

Ok thanks

I will check out your map.

ok i will try it try my map its down a few its Get Down