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Created 2009-01-08
Last Modified 2009-01-08
by 59 people.
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Description blaring red light

This map was featured on 2009-01-31

When PALEMOON [] makes a map, he doesn't just fiddle around with NED. He crafts little stories starring a ninja and some robots. In this story, the ninja finds himself at the base of an urban complex. Above, a multitude of eerie lasers tirelessly patrol the dark sky, ready to discharge their crimson rays of death. Enjoy yourself as you escape this metropolitan jungle without getting vaporized, and make sure to collect a block of gold or two.

urbantangle is PALEMOON at his best, combining simplicity with a dazzling array of enemies.


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fun map!
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it makes me happy when people go back and play old maps :) thanks!

This [] sums up perfectly why I love this map so much.



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oh and 5/5
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3rd try

that was fun... im going to play it again :D
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real goodie

s-r 5/5 still
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first try

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as this deserves to be rated :)


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pretty awesome review amirite PALEMOON?

good level

hi i was just wondering something how do you make a really good level i only have 3 rated maps but they still rubbsih could you look at them plz.


he'll definitely be a featurer..


hold definitely be a featurer


Trickier than it looked.
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Oh so close.

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another story please?



it's like

you're in your house and then you look out the window and there are these little gangster dudes walking down the street blasting everything, and you say 'crap i gotta get out of here', and then you get out of there, just edging past them as they blast you with their little gangster mini laser gun things and there's all this red hot red stuff, and you're allergic to the colour red, so that sucks even more for you, and then you go into a side street to pick up your girlfriend who's in the middle of a life-threatening seizure, and then you swear a lot, and quickly jump back across the street to the safe house, which is immune to red things, all while the little gangster dudes blast you with their little gangster mini laser things, and then you die of asphyxiation because you forgot to breathe.

This is awesome


My first ever

try at a Palemoon map; my expectations were high, but have been matched. Superb. I'm now off to check his other maps.
its addicting. 5

awesome review

loved that description

Agd, without letting them go into the tunnel!
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i liked the

discharging crimson rays of death lol

A beautiful map.

Lots of lazers yet not too much dodging. 5aved
Slow AGD
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The amount of lasers were fun too, but they did not make it harder .. Not that they necessarily should have =)


very fun.

Blast! 1 frame slower and I would have 1337.
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its like 'oh no you don't'

Ya same

gratz on the featured...
already said what I liked so not much more to say


I remember this one ^^




this is fun! 5aved.