Mr Biscuit

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Author SkyPanda
Tags action author:skypanda playable unrated
Created 2009-01-08
Last Modified 2009-01-08
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Description This map lacked a theme so I added a cat. His name is Mr Biscuit. Enjoy!

edit: added launchpads

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i love that cat ;P

wish i was cool as mr. Biscuits :(

anyways, love the map



Just a great map. I dont know what to say.

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Mr Biscuit likes you, gloomp :)
I wanted to pet Mr Biscuit. :(
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thx for the comment, 'twas helpful. Final version of this map will hopefully feature fixed-up rocket section and better transitions.
The map felt a little mish-mashed to me. There were some fun aspects, but it lacked consistency, and felt like the different ideas were strung weakly together. Still, it looked amazing, and as atob said, the launchpad circle was great.




that wasn't a problem before added the launchpads. But I found it too dull and straightforward- with the launchpads, there's more rocket-dodging and tricky jumps off tiles.

If you prefer to, just take out the launchpads yourself
if you collect the first clump of gold in a single flowing motion to the area on the left, it leads you face into a rocket. It's kind of unsatisfying to leave half the gold for later.

The cat is cool also.


that should read: 'when they work' bit

thanks guys

atob: yeah? coolcool. I shall make a map with more of them. You're dead right about the 'when they work bit', I thought exactly the same- they're spaced too close so sometimes its tricky to change direction. :(

ultCult: heh okay. I didn't know downloads could lag N :?

Some neat ideas.

The circle of LPs especially, when they work it feels really great to bounce around inside them.
for me to enjoy this. Faved until all downloads, etc. are completed.