A Kite On The Loose

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Author RandomDigits
Tags action author:randomdigits kite n-art rated speedrun tile-art
Created 2009-01-09
Last Modified 2009-01-28
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description DED to kisler [] for getting 'ripped off' [] by me.

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nice RD
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Nice map, though on the odd side, was still pretty fun.

3.5^ and faved.
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1 frame faster.

I was right.
I'm stopping now.
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Tied speed

I'll probably beat this when I have access to my friend's fast computer.
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Oh no!

I no haz string!
Would you mind rating?

I like to make odd maps ^_^

OK speed

I'm trying to get that jump that you did, RandomDigits, but I keep getting it too low and am hitting the mine.
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odd map

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Demo Data


By a frame.
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Decent demo I think.
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Beat it.
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