the ongoing horrible

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Author toasters
Tags action author:toasters playable rated
Created 2009-01-09
Last Modified 2009-01-09
by 8 people.
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Description Ten minute map contest with frets.
His rule - player must be over a bed of mines for most of the time
My rule - map must have a huge leap

Pretty intense stuff, my first time doing this. Listening to some crazy math rock helped :p

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i'm addicted to titles. i love titling things, and i love seeing what other people title things.

so, good job titling your title :p


Fantastic map

Demo Data

Great map.

I would have enjoyed it alot more if I was a better player. I personally didn't like the tile theme.


I love this map 5

and faved


yeah the top is cool. it's nice to have a break from the rocket and be able to go more at your own pace ;)
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