It Takes A Miracle

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Author Riobe
Tags action author:riobe featured fun hard mine-jumper playable rated
Created 2009-01-10
Last Modified 2009-01-11
by 26 people.
Map Data

Description I like the first jump the most.

This map was featured on 2013-02-06

How is N, in all its simplicity, able to be so complex and different?

An exhilarating map based on the execution of an outstanding mechanism. A cinematic map based on the staging of a brilliant concept. A dreamlike map based on tricky moves that provide a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

The answer: with the help and talent of people like Riobe.

Thank you, man! — zoasBE

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5 from me.
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I like it

very cool review.
But the rest is weirdly low key. After flying through the tunnel of death, I expected more than a floorguard, a gauss, and a few mines. But still, it starts and finishes strong.

There was a period when Riobe made the most stylish maps on NUMA.

Also, zoas, this is an example of a great review that would have just been bizarre to us if you hadn't gotten if proofread. As it is now, it really works.

reminds me

of mother thwumping impossible :(

very solid though.
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...fastest AGD, so far. it could still be improved a lot...
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...faster AGD...
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Review proofread by RandomDigits []. Thanks!
I love this map
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I love it, until passing over the arch at the end. The mine--jumper-esque-ness contrasts too sharply with the more-or-less-race feel the rest of the level reflects.
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The first jump!!!

It's amazing!
The tileset is great.
I really like your mine-jumpers... They're unique.


I remember the map that propelled Losttortuga into NUMA strata of great mapmakers, and I think this is yours.


This is great!

I like playing.
But the load time is bad, although there's no helping that. Faved, I'll come back later for an AGD and rating.
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Thanks for the comments and ratings.


This is sexy.


That first jump takes your breath away when you manage to do
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But it's pulled off convincingly enough to warrant a four, imo.


INCREDIBLE! In my opinion :)
Worthy of a feature. 4.5 rounded up plus faved.
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minejumper. Launchpads don't always work in minejumpers, but on this map, they add to the map's quality.

Faster AGD
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I totally love this map 5aved.

Going up was a toughie.

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pretty hard

reminds me of that featured map...helicopter one or something
I didn't like the rest much.
And the tileset wasn't made any better by the fact you have to take the time to get all the way back to the start.


This map is a miracle

Hail god
That was my main concern while I was making the map. Any suggestions, I'd really appreciate them. ^^
which is really cool, but it's the only thing the map has going for it.
You might be able to fix this up if you really want.



That jump

is hawt.
But that first jump is fun. :O I just didn't know what to do. ;) I feel like giving this a 5. Brilliant!
Here's an AGD. I'm not sure how much easier I could make it without taking out the purpose of the first jump.
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But I can't get past the beginning. ;_;


Your *bleep da blepp a bleep* kidding me.