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Author n0valyfe
Tags 1 action author:n0valyfe dedication number one unrated
Created 2009-01-10
Last Modified 2009-01-10
Rating 1 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Dedicated to OutrightOJ because he beat my seemingly unbeatable speed demo.

He will understand the title, as it references previous maps I have made.

Enjoy your dedication Outright, see if you can speed demo this one too hehe.

As always, I submitted a completion demo as proof that it is completable

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Demo Data

Well well well.

Look who's back. ^^

Glad you're here again. I'm not playing N anymore, just check the forums / numa sometimes. But to be honest I'm thinking about come back.

Hmmmm, sec, I'll try to beat you, OJ.

Yeah i do have msn,

i'll add you if i get your e-mail :)

Well to be honest

I only made this map because you beat me speed demo lol. Im not sure if I will make anymore maps.

I am interested in maybe making another series. Do you have msn? If you do I will add you and we can talk there

Fasterer! :D

Thanks very much for the DED, glad to see you're still on Newma :)
And yep, I do remember this style that me and prpperty always used to battle for speedruns on. That really was a great series ;)
Great map, I love it. 4aved

So, are you planning on making any new series at the moment, or just the occasional map every so often?
Demo Data
Not as hard as it looks. I would have taken out the lasers which were annoying and put 2 rockets. Also could do with some gold good though. 3.3/5
Demo Data


Sub 300!
Demo Data

faster !!!

Demo Data

Faster! :D

Sub 300 just might be possible...
Demo Data


It has no gold because it is in the style to my letter series, as a subtle reference that OutrightOJ will understand.

Tisk Tisk Tisk


Demo Data


Sorry, forgot.
Demo Data

No gold = no fun

Faster run.

Thanks lol

Il consider posting a speedrun later, after OutrightOJ posts a demo


new route
Demo Data


but nice
Demo Data


Incase you need it, although you shouldn't need it
Demo Data