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Author tktktk
Tags ampersand author:tktktk legacy playable rated
Created 2009-01-11
Last Modified 2009-01-11
by 9 people.
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Description In keeping with tradition, I'm submitting five of my favorites from the new Legacy pack, Ampersand. Pretty simple map here. You can choose to jump to the top section directly after getting the exit switch, or press on for all gold. Enjoy.

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hey tktktkt :P
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it's not chicken. or if it is, the floorguard is not gonna lose.

this was a great map. ampersand rocks so far. thanks tktktk.
Oh yes. No frame by frame, either.
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I like the simplicity exhibited here.


I was immediately puzzled by this map. 0_o
After all, it is a tktktk map.
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you know,

so was i. just this morning i was looking through your older levels. i like the motif behind this map; it is my kind of map. good solid simple classic fun gameplay.
i already found it :p
and you turn up on the front page! Wonderful timing. Great map.



For those of you wondering about Ampersand:
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