Panic Cave

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Author Technochocolate
Tags author:technochocolate hard incomplete playable race unrated
Created 2009-01-11
Last Modified 2009-05-18
Map Data

Description This is an unfinished map i have been working on that seems impossible for anyone else to beat the level unless i gave them a map on where to go. Its the longest race i've ever made, inspired by one of my earlier maps.
It's actually an updated version of an insanely long race i made about a year and a half ago. Since updating the map directly didn't seem to work, I'm resubmitting it and deleting the old one. It's pretty much finished, exept that the very ending is impossible to beat, though it is possible to get around it.
Once again, I am submitting this now cuz my computer is getting slow from having it on all the time. Can't wait till its done

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I know :|

I saw it too, lol. There are many secrets to that site, man.
oldest EVER intro to the site!
check it out!


all the maps I've played by you were fun :/


ofcourse notepad, its my hero, I have a few maps saved on that I haven't posted :D


it does that :)

i was like

and then i pressed enter like 100 times.


wow dude
faved for when I can go that fast


i just realized from your demo that you cheated, lol.
in the second race, that drone was supposed to block your way. This race has too many flaws. good thing i made another one recently!

Furthest i got

I... kinda liked it. It defies just about everything that makes a map good. But i liked it. Kinda.
Demo Data



I just realized

that this map is possible to beat. You can get past the dude even after u lose the race. demo, anyone?
otherwise there were too many times where u could solve it "too" quickly, believe it or not.


Yeah, im with palemoon


yes, did i mention its nearly impossible :). Its just the idea of it that i like, how you sometimes go thru the same path four times all over the place in a constant race.


this is an ordeal.

i got my ass kicked like three times