The Blue Swirling Smallness of Doom

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Author toshosoft
Tags author:toshosoft bitesized playable rated survival
Created 2005-10-12
by 16 people.
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Description So... another level from me... my 2nd try at making a decent survival. Here ya go.
Have fun with it. I did.

PS: The cycle is longer than you might think at first.

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Doubled it.

Better and longer. 4 times around.
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I like the map. Here's a warm up demo.
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fun and addictive
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First try.
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Great survival map

It would go into my favorites, but survival levels just aren't good with in-game time.


That was pretty cool. A lot harder and unpredictable(er) than I thought. 4.5

heres a start time

500 to beat. not too hard.
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