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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue featured inoex unrated
Created 2009-01-13
Last Modified 2010-03-30
Map Data

Description Maybe for the smc. Inspired by tktktk.

This map was featured on 2011-04-08

Arrowheads rain down from the sky as natives fire upon the unsuspecting traveling party.

Since you're the party's unofficial photographer, you have been trailing behind them, fully aware of the impending attack but too scared to warn them.

Their harrowing cries fill the dense jungle. The bulb flashes, the shutter opens, and light rushes in: your last moment preserved.

Many months later, an explorer will find your busted up camera and become famous for a picture he didn't take. — Life247

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This is one of the most stylish maps atob's ever made.
If you are, awesome. If not, man, just take the damn feature. :p


No depth to this and the object placement is really artless. Can't believe this kind of thing gets featured these days. NUMA has gone to hell.

cool :)
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but I don't think maps always have to have substance. If all your maps have substance, at least one of two things is going to happen:

1) You run out of ways to give your maps substance.
2) The use of certain substances loses its effect.

If that makes sense.

Solid map, technically flawless, but not amazing IMO.

Improved speed

200 frames
Going for sub-200
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Improved speed

205 frames
This is rozers route.
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212 frames
This is rozer's route.
Ill try to improve it.
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220 frames
Fastest with the old route, im trying rozers route though
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SUB 200

after a while
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Sub-500 AGD

498 frames
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fbf =D
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ask jerrod

mods have nothing to do with numacon

good map.

by the way, how is numacon going, mods?

I like the tiles,

but the gameplay could of been a little better. 3.5/5^

But looks quite nice.

Feels substanceless. Random triangles and some mines is bland.


Portal 2!


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I don't really know how to feel about this map. It's simple, but I don't feel as though it takes me anywhere. I know exactly what I want to do, and I can. It's not the toughest mine jumper nor jumper.

I'd go so far as to say atob has better maps.


I remember this from sunshinescience! Fun little episodic map.
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this is one of those maps that i fell in love with just by looking at it. the triangle tile minejumper seems to be done so much, but this is the way to do it. i cant find a single thing i don't like about it. also, i love that it's inspired by tktktk, atob with a dash of tk3 is an excellent recipe :)

oh yeah, heres an AGD. fastest so far but it won't last.
have i mentioned yet that i love this map?
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AGD death

This was a nice jumper.
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I just realised

I forgot to say that I like this. It's a nice laid-back map and the design is lovely. good luck!

erk. no.

the thing you've had going on for about two months. never mind. :P

just keep doing it.
nothing's rushing you, you can kind of just do whatever. and if you mess up, chances are you aren't even going to die! just chill and try again, man. just be chill.

i like it.

I wouldn't call

a single map a style... but thanks.

i meant mines close to gold w/ interesting jumps. your style lately, and i love it.

great tileset. glad to see you're NOT getting away from the mine/gold thing just yet.

partial AGD by accident.
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It's for the smc.

But I will be experimenting with all types of maps I don't usually. I might make something longer of this.

Sub 700, for the contest.
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The jumps were great. Make this longer!
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i'd like this so much more if it didn't have a nearly identical theme to the map I was planning on entering to the SMC :( ah well.


*dies from continued exposure to portal references*

Cool map, though.


simple. elegant.
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you should do more puzzles/jumpers

I love this map

If only you would let me rate.
Can you play my new map.