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Author theNding
Tags author:thending chaingun easy fun unrated
Created 2009-01-13
Last Modified 2009-01-13
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Description Enjoy.

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you fast.

I know

I just wanted to AGD this for the hell of it. =P

Faster AGD

By 11 frames.
Demo Data

Too late I allready

ded to apse.


Could have been faster, at the end especially.
Demo Data
by ten frames.
Demo Data

sorry for the spam

last one.
Demo Data

and again
Demo Data

and again
Demo Data

Demo Data

very nice

chaingun worked really well
some good flow there too.

slow agd
Demo Data

Slow AGD

Fun map
Demo Data
Demo Data

from ben815lost's

so do i, but still too short for me
Anyway, here's my path.
Demo Data

you know...

i love chainguns. 4/5