Cerebral Cortex

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Author theNding
Tags author:thending fun gauss gold rated
Created 2009-01-13
Last Modified 2009-01-13
by 7 people.
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Description MANGGOOOO!!!!!!!

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the floor gaurds are old but that doesntmean they suck!
nope the gameplay is great and I love that flowy look...


Thankgod ATOB aint talking to me ,, i said nothin about the floorguards!
This is a very substandard and obvious concept, I'm not quite sure what you guys are raving about.

Ok Last Post

But Heres A Real Speed AGD :D
Demo Data

AGD -1

Tad Faster though
Demo Data


tiles were cool, as was the gold placement. The map had some sort of flow to it and hmmm it mad the map play fast but gives you enough time to take in how great it is. Completions are fun, as are AGD's. The rockets placement wasnt perfect, because there could be many different places in an open map you could put it, poseing for different gameplay. Even the tiles at the start give the map flare, they start of the flow and depending on how you approach it, depends on how you will play out the map. I cant say the aesthetics were that great thought but im still gonna give map a 4.5 rounded down. Good work, Faved!

Expect Faster Demos Soon :D
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i have to agree with onesevennine about the floorguards, but it is still fun.
thanks for the ded :)


The rocket placement did feel good and the floorguard idea seemed inventive, but they felt too restrictive to enjoy the rocket with. Still pretty fun, though. 3.5^


i do agree with karmap0lice that the rocket it a little too well placed.
really great level.




it was new. I liked it alot, took me a few tries, that rocket is too well placed >:/ great work! love the tileset! love the floorguard and gold! the gauss was okay, it didn't really affect the gameplay that much, but it made it slightly harder and up-paced. great work though! 5/5

Ded to apse

for getting the fastest agd on my last map.