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Author Ncouraging
Tags action author:ncouraging gauss medium mines playable rated
Created 2009-01-14
Last Modified 2009-12-15
by 11 people.
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Description this is my first map :D tell me on how to improve please ;)


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Oh fuck you didn't

(he actually didn't)
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Oh no you didn't

you fucking gauss
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Oh no you didn't

you fucking gauss
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It's a bit empty, but I still like it. 5/5
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this is SUCH a good first map
im gonna check out sumz of yourz maps


with the first maps/


Too good to be a first map but it wa fun,simple(my very first map sucks)so 4/5...
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better than my first.


my 2nd rating =D lol

Awesome map!

It's a good first map, and I agree with everyone else (who left good comments).

'twas difficult


I invite you all to try my first map.


i actually beat it ;)


took the gold from blocks, and moved the exit a little


i mean
i stumbled upon the forums when i was looking at this website, and i read some stuff, The funtion and form article helped me.

still good

its your first
Bad first. No reason to be hiding the gold behind bounce blocks, it could just as easily go just above them, or even in between. It's also pretty short and empty, though that's not always a negative. This is an aesthetic preference, but maybe moving the exit half a tile to get it away from the locked doors would be better as well.

The good: it's actually quite well balanced in difficulty, the gauss (and the other enemies for that matter) all work well. And since this is a first map, just the fact that you avoided just about all of the common newbie mistakes is impressive enough.


it would be better to use the space on the bottom




Tiles are sometimes good ;)
Could it be...? IT IS! A first-timer who actually put thought and effort into a map and didn't spam objects! :O
Next time, don't hide things under bounceblocks ^_^