Impetious happiness

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Author sayko
Tags author:sayko drone everyone playable rated theme
Created 2009-01-14
Last Modified 2009-01-14
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description We must work everyday for things. As a student, or as an officer, or as a worker or as a soldier... None of us have enough time in that daily routine. You have two choices: Just working and going to home tired, or working hard to get time for other things (what make you happy).

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I'm processing towards your early and not so refined maps... 2.5^


thanks, glad you like it, now all that i need is LUKESV's approval!


personally think this isn't that good. But, this is one of your first maps, so I'll give a little slack. The drones seem random, and the whole thing looks ugly. but, nice difficulty. 2.5/5^


sorry im sound like a layman, but my do you bounce out at the beginning?

nice! I like all of your maps. All 8 put together I would rate a 4/5!

and thanks a bunch for the comment ^.^


I dislike the Z snapped gold, but it is fun trying for an all-gold run - 3/5


any advice or help then just ask me..