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Author SkyPanda
Tags action author:skypanda playable smc thwumps unrated
Created 2009-01-14
Last Modified 2009-01-14
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Description for the Short Map Competition []

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i was going to feature this in the free-for-all reviewing days. i've run out of time :(

I judged this..

for the competition, I think I gave it a pretty good score.

Faster all gold.

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I cordially invite you to MassiveMappack-MOA []

Its fine. Take your time. :]


The thwumps are so fun ;)
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I made sure to finish it early so I didn't mess the time zones up.

Sure it will, yours will be great, good luck :P

wow awesome.

i haven't started mine, but i don't think i'll top this, 4, faved


there's plenty of routes and shortcuts to be found
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