Tunnel to hell

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Author everythingfromatoz
Tags author:everythingfromatoz kewl mine mine-jumper mines teleporter unrated
Created 2009-01-15
Last Modified 2009-01-15
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Description My first minejumper eva! Also has a teleporter.

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Like it and it was very fun but it has lot of unneeded parts(lots of mines) the teleporter was unneeded(you can do another path pasts all the way through you go to the door...
And there are some multple paths....But it's fun....Mine placement was not very well..... :/ 3/5
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I LOVE your How To Spot A Newb bit on your profile

Good point!


Coulda called it Santa's Hat?
but tunnel of Hell is similar, isnt it? lol



gold placement wasn't really good, I liked the curve, but not the circle around the gauss. the tileset was okay, I really didn't like the hole with the locked doors, and the mine jumping thing wasn't very well done, for things like these, paths are shown through mines, so you've got to make multiple paths. 3/5 because it was fun. (actual rate 2.7/5)

See why I put it there?
=] Also check out twisted floor!


forgot to rate, that is annoying :P

Well, you can try to jump up....


didn't like the teleport though.