Cloud Nine

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Author chume14
Tags 9 author:chume14 chume cloud nart nine rated
Created 2009-01-16
Last Modified 2009-04-12
by 16 people.
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Description I like this cloud its cool and looks nice however I think something better could be done with it. I tried rain with mines or rockets in the cloud etc. but it looked and played rubbish so I'm just going to post this simple unadulterated version of it and I'm happy for someone else to reuse it in a better way (credited) or even do collab on it. As usual responses are welcome on everything except load time (really if thats your biggest concern you should know not to keep playing my maps). Enjoy and rate

no. 18

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i just got an idea

u could make tiny thwumps inside the cloud with nreality!

Cloud looks cool.

It was kinda fun to run inside the cloud. I enjoyed it but waiting for the map to load was frustrating.

agree with timby

beautiful cloud, fun to play
I think I maight do something like this cometime. 4


Your privelaged. You've got the most powerful guy (who actually maps and comments) admiring your maps. That takes the purest skill dude. o_O!!! Funny cloud, so fluffy like my pillow rofllol


atob's second comment

This was fun

If you play maps in Nreality, the lag is cut by ALOT, so it didn't lag for me whatsoever. AGD lol.
The cloud looked sexy in the thunbnail, during the game, meh. Gameplay is fun. 3/5
Demo Data

First try:

Agreed with atob.
Demo Data
Or something close anyway.

See thats cool

although not quite my style if I had thought of that I would have done it but I thought of this ....... and now I'm thinking of something new o this is gonna be cool I'll try and keep the object count down
but this [] is what I have attempted in the past.

Good point

I guess I was also thinking of maps like this which though they arn't really n-art do use lots of 1 object to get cool effects
hmm I'll think about it and try to find a better example
Are playable tile art, yours are object based. Massive difference.

Object based narts just aren't playable due to lag and load times.

No harm done

I would love to make a map thats n-art and well playable I believe they do exist
a couple of examples of the top of my head
and there are lots more
I love them and they achieve so much more than just normal n-art if I haven't achieved it yet then its something to aim for.

It's neat, but 5/5?

I'm not that impressed with this map.

From my experiences, playable N-Art maps are almost worthless to attempt because you can never push both the N-Art and action portion of the map, it will always lack one or another.

I feel that if you were attempting to make JUST an N-Art I would have rated it slightly higher since I wouldn't have to consider playability on top of my rating.

However, since this is playable, the loading time is awful, and the general gameplay is relatively annoying, it's a +3.

Still... it's an alright N-Art and alright map, but not a 5/5 imo.

Just giving a "reason" for my rating, no harm intended.

Do it before taz gets you.


laggy for me to cope, nice idea tho 3.5
Demo Data
if I make a mess. Admin perks.

And Saying all I said, you're a great concept mapper. I've been inspired by this to try something playable using a similar idea.

Did you just

change your comment how do you do that and also I do think its important but all my good ideas are like this its sort of my style and I don't think its a problem thats really solvable but I do try to cut down load times as much as possible there was going to be higher density one-ways in this level for instance.


for the future when computers will be faster than are wildest dreams
I know you don't think it's that important but with the added frustration of the wait/lag most of these ideas just aren't very playable.