Two Distinct Entities

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Author tktktk
Tags action anthology author:tktktk legacy playable rated zenith
Created 2009-01-16
Last Modified 2009-01-16
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description From Anthology (Zenith). I'm submitting just a few from Anthology that I think deserve a second look. As the name implies, this map is made up of two completely separate parts, which you can travel between at your leisure. Enjoy.

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longest agd in history
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faster speedrun

there is a faster way, I just can't pull it off.
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Slow-ish AGD

Awesome user of a laser drone. As eganic said, it plays pretty smoothly.
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It's from Anthology, which is a compilation of the old Legacy packs, Origins, Expanse, and Zenith, plus a new hidden pack, Ampersand.
I am intrigued :)
very smooth map.

i like it, the bottom part especially.
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ah no!

carefullness to no avail ;_;
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I'll submit maybe two more. Then it's on to new maps, I promise!
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