The Twin Snakes

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Author 29403
Tags 29403 author:29403 collabarationarymap gtm guitarheromatt rated
Created 2009-01-17
Last Modified 2009-01-17
by 5 people.
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Description collab between 29403 and GTM

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speed, because agd pisse me off...


cool design
Demo Data
It looked like little fishies, but 29403 cleaned it up and I couldnt be bothered to argue with him :/
And that you to, that is the best map ever! Actually I just like the fell of the tiles. I'm not sure about the gold placement, its great but seems like its not used to its limit :)
4. Faved, nice dude/s.
unfortunately my luck didn't last too long
Demo Data
> The map is pretty intense, not for the fainthearted.
> Once you leave the top section it's pretty much impossible to get back up, so make sure you get all of the gold before moving down.
> There's a nack to getting into the bottom section, but it's easily achievable.

Name changed

I like that name
Also, just so you know, if submitted this I'd have called it "The Twin Snakes".

Turned out pretty well actually, a nice change from my usual mapping.