The Sorites Tax

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt nnrpg rated rocket-dodger rockets
Created 2009-01-18
Last Modified 2009-04-27
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description This map is a lot of things.

It's my 287th map, regardless of whether the counter says it's my 250th, which it's not. I've been on a quick search (completing my deleted archive) and there's definitely 287 maps (not counting resub originals or that one I made to show someone else what to do with their level)

It's a balls-to-the-walls rocket dodger, just like my old maps.

It's inspired by Lord_Day, hopefully this map compares well to his.

It's the debut of the second chapter of my series, The Arborist's Edition. Thought it would make a short and punchy opening level.

How many pieces of gold can be taken away from a pile before it no longer remains a heap? How many appearances have to be stripped away before something no longer exists?

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that was funny...way back when


that was funny...way back when
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Quite fun. I'm still deciding on what to rate it.
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Fast AGD

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Very fun to play.

But the rockets can get annoying at times. 4/5. This is the rate exchange.

someone else?! SOMEONE ELSE?! I'M BEETHOVEn!!!!!!!!! REMEMBER THAT!
nice map anyway.

rce'd already

and its still great,
and 7 rates :D How ironic :D


This is one of my favorite rocket dodgers in a long time, since Forced Into A Bad Decision.
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great map 4.5

Gold is awesome

but speed is better, awesome map
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I liked this map it was very fun and hard! :) Hey GTM Wanna make a collab? I really am in the mood to! ;)

Cool map,

and could you rate my map this time, I could use a rate. xD
how you came to become human
i don't know


You just made this map uneditable for the map pack. Oh well, there's not much I'd like to change anyways.
Nice map. 4\5.
I want to preserve it so that I can make changes when the second txt is released, whcih won't be a while I assure you. All subsequent TAE maps will have ratings disabled, so the complete version will be available on NUMA without resubs.

holy cow

i can delete all these comments!

but of course i wont. that would be an abuse of power.

hey GTM

you know that comment at the botom of the page where you say "you're one to talk T_T"

it says i can delete that o.O

No there arent?

Seriously, I love this kind of atmosphere. Anything less would be bland.


rofl@eganic. i didn't even check your name, but read your posts thinking you were atob, and i laughed quite a bit when i realized. anyway, i like the gold, but there are too many rockets.

yea i liked it

fun rocket dodging, i dont think you needed to get rid of the corner golds :/



That wouldn't be cool or consistent with the nice little theme I've got going on.
so the ninja just...falls to his death

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Nice map, love the gold. Taking out the 3 gold piles was good ideas imo
Solid, like the fall
and/or stealing avatars against the rules?

if i get banned and this was real life, i could sue :D
ganteka is great
ganteka is good
love ganteka
and he shall love you
Anyways, back to the map? Or is it superseded now?

what now


*changes back*

For below reasons


its...arac-I mean, GTM!

Watch thy arse

Or I shall smite thee very roughly indeed. Forsooth.

Hi arachnid.

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