You're Such a Square

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Author maxson924
Tags 29403 action author:maxson924 collab playable square unrated
Created 2009-01-18
Last Modified 2009-01-18
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Description Collab with 29403. CE!!!

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timesaver: 154154 :D

oh...and, please get the moderators to del. your comment. ILL NEVER SEE MY MAP AGAIN... :P

you have

a few pms waiting for you.

Pretty fun.

I can't get to the door, though. I can't get past the laser drone on the right when I get to the bottom, but the rest of the level was fun. 4.49/5

pretty fun

top laser could be shifted a bit to the right imo..
3.5 up
Just a misunderstanding :P


doing a swear word on my map banns me from it, because i have a restriction network. at least do this= @#$% ! 2, - disrespect =1 (not sniping)

oh no!

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not :?

d demo

boy this map suits you both really well. its like a board game and its actiony.

i like it, 3.5up
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Added a couple mines.
The one-ways were cheatable also,move the mine closer. Like on the wall. But I like the concept. 3/5