Banana Hammock

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable rated
Created 2009-01-19
Last Modified 2009-01-19
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Used a lot more space than I should have.

Name thanks to sidke.

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Even for me, it felt like a lot of good ideas that just didn't mix.


Overall I find this map just too frustrating to be enjoyable. It feels like you playtested the map in sections or something, because each part transitions very badly. The beginning is gimmicky, although the fall and whether or not you go splat can be pretty exciting. Maybe that theme could have been taken further, but alone like this it just feels out of place. The trap doors blocking the first gold room were just mean, I don't see why you couldn't grab it on the way back. The mine one the lower right in between the gold was annoying, and the rocket often follows you into the exit key room, making it harder than it should be. Finally jumping back up to the one-way was pretty difficult, and it felt like an unnecessary effort. And the mine rings were kinda of ugly, but that's just me.
Sorry if that came out harsh, but it's just that this map could use a lot of work =/
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This can be lame.

Demo Data
it is like a glorious food dish, but without any spices right? Like it seems to be good, but missing an aspect of something somewhere. Hard to improve on what you don't know though.
but I have to agree with the others, it just lacks that certain something, you know?
Or that its just missing something around the rocket and some other places. I also get the dodgey feeling. But otherwise its a 4 down to a 3.

it's alright

I don't know what but something bugs me about this map


Banana Hammock []

Banananana Hammock []

God sidke, still <3

Too hard for me

with my laggy little laptop.
Er. Big, bulky laptop that weighs a ton and a half.