Hold My Baby Would Ya?

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Author remote
Tags 400 action author:remote rated tricky
Created 2009-01-19
Last Modified 2009-01-19
by 8 people.
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Description This is a total fail attack for my new level pack. Not good enough to go in it I don't reckon. What do you guys think??
oh yeh. 400th map on NUMA apaz...

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forgot how hard ths was
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Means a lot from a famous author like you.

happy 400
trust me I think you will be pleased...


haven't seen you in ages!! how are ya? :D


The drones are psychedelic, man!

Congratz on 400th!

You deserve it on this freakishly difficult map o_O



gah! I do say, the ending is the hardest part of the whole thing. But it was also enjoyable to respawn on that one-way stretch and try jumping through drones over and over and over and over and over again.
not addictive enough for it's lenght, I think removing some of the one ways would free it up on a good way

I all golded it.

Do I get a cookie?
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aparently = apaz

sorry, msn lingo creeping in there.

numa apaz?

what is that?

Too hard.

I suggest taking the rockets out, they wrecked the map especially when i got half way through the hive


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Way hard.

Too hard for me. That hive of drones on the top was very exciting, except the rocket owned me as soon as I got up there. I liked the style in this one, the gold went well with the tiles. Nice 400th.


congrats on

400th map! I'm on 141 atm
great map as always!

This is hard.

Good lord, is this ever hard.