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Author Meta_Ing
Tags action author:meta_ing featured rated
Created 2009-01-19
Last Modified 2009-01-19
by 56 people.
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Description A quick map. Shouldn't be too hard to beat.

Go for speedruns and highscores.

This map was featured on 2009-02-27

So, where are you going to go from here? You could go right and get that gold whilst playing with that rocket. Or you could go left and wall-jump off that bounceblock with perfect precision. Or you could just go all out and get the two switches whilst silkily swooping over the floorguards to collect your reward. Or you could...

I could go on, but the point is, Meta_Ing has proven his pedigree with an incredibly freeform experience, one which shows his knowledge and mastery of mapping, as well as the knowledge of what we want to highscore on. Congratulations!

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Didn't think I could have this much fun on a map. Literally screaming at my computer when i got sniped: for this map to elicit such an emotion in me makes it good (imo) :D

50th rater!

Calvin and Hobbes, right Exuberance?

"The score is still Q to 12"

last time

I think this is the FASTEST way possible of doing the start.
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sry for spam. This map is addicting to agd.. just great.
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Would have been faster but I messed up the bottom left.

@bobaganuesh--Your opinion sucks. as usual


what's with the lack of reviews?
Honestly, I don't like being impolite by reviewing this much, but if it's necessary I'll have to do it :/
I actually agree with you. This shouldn't be up on the front page for this long.
This has been up for like, 2.48 days.


Spam deleted.

No more of that please, people.

jesus, Tunco

To top it off, mam comes along and beats his score, and it only took mam 1 post.

1 thing to say

Simply gorgeous
But not very often...

I've been on this site a long damn time and I don't /think/ I've ever seen ten comments in a row from the same person before.


Life247's demo:
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5/5 is all I can say. Certainly deserved being featured.


Easily the best map by you that I've played. I particularly loved the gold placement and how free it was. 5aved, and congrats on the feature. It definately deserved it.


I think it's fastest
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Fastest AGD

the bit at the start got tedious, but it was a nice map itherwise
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Fastest AGD

the bit at the start got tedious, but it was a nice map itherwise
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Yes,I know it's the same demo,but CAN someone challange me because I think it's the limit or it can be improvable by a frame,max.2 frames.Lets see can Meta_Ing. beat this.
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yes.479 frames.Yes,improvable.
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sorry for postiing too mcuh though...i'm gonna chill down with posts but still improvable i think:
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yes,but improvable:
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still improvable i think:
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499 fames!
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Demo Data

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trying to be very fast but,naah:
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Really nice map.5aved.
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Like the review too. I don't usually give fives but this one deserves it.

Finally completed

Highly addicting, I thought all the enemies worked. Congrats on the feature, I feel you deserve it.
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A bit offtopic, teraza, you forgot a:



Bottom-left part is cool!

The floorguard, switch and 2 MINES LOOK GREAT!

But the gold and mines near rocket don't look nice - good idea, but mines look bad.

Faved. 4.5 or 5 if I could :D