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Author Cooby
Tags action author:cooby featured playable rated simplybitesizingmanymapswaswaybetterthanconvolutedlyfeaturingafew
Created 2009-01-19
Last Modified 2009-01-19
by 21 people.
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Description As suggested by shortshift: "I made the map."

This map was featured on 2009-07-22

Haha, I defy your tag!

We all know Cooby's made some great maps for NUMA, but this quite frankly breaks the chain. As far as I'm aware, it's the first map I've seen which redesigns itself as you play. Apart from that LordofPeanuts one.

But frankly, the smooth difficulty curve, excellent aesthetics and refined gameplay make this a much more focused attempt at that concept. It's well worth the voyage up just to sachay back down. So don't procrastinate. — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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First Try AGD

What a quirky map; the twist sold it, even though it's pretty simple at the bottom of thing.
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i love the look


Forgot to say: I absolutely love this map, and it got one of my action map of the year noms.


This is still one of my favorite maps ever, and it was featured... on my birthday.

Way to tell me GTM. D=


Awesome map. awesome. faved.
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fun demo
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I never knew

that drones could zap you through a trap door :o


and Cerberus's one. and all the billions of door eeries :P
but this is cool, very cool.
i like it... plus i procrastinate a lot... =D
About the bitesizing thing. But it would be weird to switch around another time.




I'll play this later.

cool map




Quicker AGD.

Very fun map. Great concept. 4.5 but i'll round up plus faved.
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make another goddamn map.

All gold

Slow at the end.
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This map is one of the few hard levels I really enjoy, and it's because each section isn't that hard on its own, and when you manage to string them together the satisfaction is immense.
5aved :]
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The laser

makes the map too hard.
I gave this a 4.5.

Trapdoors are kind of cheatable, but that doesn't really take too much away from the rest of the map.
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This map.

Is the shit.


really cool. totally unexpected twist!

Great tag. Great map.

Oh you

dirty whore, Meta...
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Wow. I had it...

I love this map.
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And really add a nice aspect to the map.

Demo soon.

Best tag ever

simply bitesizing many maps was way better than convolutedly featuring a few