havana affair

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Author Ncouraging
Tags action adrenaline agd author:ncouraging ncouraging rated rockets
Created 2009-01-21
Last Modified 2009-12-15
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description these tiles are addicting to make. RCE and post your AGD- inspired by apse.

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very addicting map

and the gold/enemy placement was very good, but I've seen these tiles a lot already. 4/5
Demo Data

i think

this is my favorite map out of all the maps that i made


i got an AGD!!! lol
Demo Data


love the tileset and the gameplay was a bit annoying in the end but eh..

4/5 nice work


Rough for me to even beat, let alone AGD (but I suck at real difficult maps x.x)

o cool

my first rating!

yes, very...

difficult AGD

cool demo

up till the lame death.
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is hard to agd tho =\

only got 3 gold

i tried getting none but what ever
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arnt they

there fun to.