Dungeon of Dooms: King of Ninjas

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Author mithril_silver
Tags author:mithril_silver dda rated
Created 2005-10-14
by 40 people.
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Description ok well this is a submition for coldcut's contest:

this map is a two way: hold left and right. the endings are cool, dont rate based on lack of transportation cuz i already know that... :) I can expand it b/c the middle is kinda empty

Probably the second to last one in the series, im working on the last one right now.
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4 some reason my N starts in the ground and I die straight away! it looks like a cool level so can tell me whatsup

It was ok...

I have seen better from you, and this one was kinda bad

It gets a 3.5... Favorite Map: the chase


It's perty good, there are some things i didn't appreciate about it but overall, i gave it a 4. Good work, but i've seen better from you
I like it because of the cheat deaths!


i like the death cheat. 5/5

other maps

i have all of ur maps u displayed on the description and they were pretty good


I don't really care about launch pads or enemies or anything like that really. All I care about is whether or not I liked it, and this one I just loved. 5/5.

IT gets a 2/5

Way to generic. i didn't like it.


Nice Close calls. I just loved the way N dodged to batches of missles coming from opposite directions. Wuda been a 5, but too many launchpads. 4.5/5. Not much difference tho, eh?


ya after looking at wellsj map again i thought the ded should go to him :)


its launchpad heavy and has a bit of gold delay....and quite a lot of repetion mainly in the hold right.


Its hard to judge. Alot I like. Some things not so much.

If you can improve this and make it longer i'll make you a ded. otherwise it wasn't better then wellsj. sorry but hes was very impressive. the thing that lost for you was lack of element. also i dont like when rockets hit the walls all the time.
Please... Its a hold right/ hold left dda. not a normal dda. hold left or right before you even press play.


this isn't a DDA. Did you reset after editing?
ill hold off voting till u fix it