clockwork orange

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Author Ncouraging
Tags action author:ncouraging hard ncouraging playable rated rockets
Created 2009-01-22
Last Modified 2009-12-15
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description well this is the beginning of my 2nd episode. please RCE and post your AGD!!!!!!

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Not bad

agree with maxson. God map for a newbie. 3.2/5

Can you check out some of my recent maps please?

yea i agree

i changed one of the rockets, i only managed to get past this level once, but i still wanna keep the first rocket =p
It'd be less frustrating, and it would fit because you already have a gauss in the top-right. 3/5


its meant to be hard


this level is very tough, I can't beat it, but I like the idea alot