Paradox Traveller

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Author sTalkR
Tags action author:stalkr race rated smc
Created 2009-01-23
Last Modified 2009-01-23
by 6 people.
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Description the short version of my last map which i announced in its description.
for SMC.
contains different routes. fast-paced, intense. i'm kinda proud of this one.

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I thought

the flow was good.
Not your best but still much, much better than most.
fun though. (=
Looks great though.


you raise an interesting point with that top left. i had not considered that option before.


if you liked this one, you might find some of my other maps interesting as well :)

thats really great

I've never seen any of your maps before
I'm impressed

alternate route

a little slower.
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sub-500, as required.
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